As an Organic Master Gardener Practitioner, I am always conflicted when the choice must be made to rake fallen leaves for my clients. In my own yard, I have TONS of silver maple and mulberry leaves, and I mostly rake them up into the garden beds where they decompose over the winter months and provide food and shelter for many living organisms. I always leave some on the lawn to run over with my mulching mower. I think of these leaves as mana from the trees that ought not to be wasted – for so many reasons.

Being a member of Halton Master Gardeners is an enriching experience from many perspectives, not the least of which is the regular flow of excellent horticultural information. It is a privilege to be associated with so many knowledgeable and engaged gardeners. One such in our group is Cathy Kavassalis, who has written an excellent article on fall yard maintenance. I hope you enjoy it!

To Rake…or Not to Rake


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