Autumn is a great time to re-arrange the garden and plant new treasures. Cooler nights reduce the likelihood of transplant shock and we have the benefit of recognizing what we’re transplanting – unlike the spring when it’s mostly by guess-and-by-golly!

One thing to keep in mind in this age of climate change and unpredictable rainfall is that when you transplant or install a new plant, it’s critical to provide it with the water it needs to become established before freeze up. Ensure the success of your new garden stars by “mudding” them in – creating a slurry into which you plant them, and then watering them in well and thoroughly to settle the soil around the roots.

Trees are a particular case in this regard. By and large, they become “awake” in spring before we can see any evidence of this, and are often bereft of moisture during the early weeks. It is therefore important to water your trees well as the freeze up is setting in, providing them with needed moisture as soon as the ground begins to thaw.

Fall is such a delightful season. But, we must not forget how much our gardens rely on us to ensure their survival through the winter months and into the spring thaw.

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